About Lakes Supply Co.


Lakes Supply Co gives back 5% to Minnesota Lakes & Rivers Advocates with each purchase you make.

Lakes Supply Co. was founded by Minnesota artist, Larry Sickmann.

My passion has always been hand-lettering and logo design. You can say what I'm designing are lake logos—your favorite lake has its own brand! 

It all started when my family and I were on the North Shore and I wanted a unique shirt to commemorate our trip. All of the shirts felt cookie-cutter, and when I found one that I liked, one that said 'North Shore' on it, turns out when I returned to work after our trip, a co-worker had the identical shirt with a 'Madeline Island' imprinted on it.

That's when I realized that something needed to be done to give some originality to the places we love. A couple years later, in early 2019, I had an upcoming ice fishing trip to Upper Red Lake and thought about what I could do with a design for that lake. I sketched a rudimentary silhouette of Upper Red and hand-lettered the name inside, I've been obsessed with creating lake logos ever since.

If you don't see your favorite lake, email me to request your favorite lake.

The goal of Lakes Supply Co., is to bring custom-crafted designs directly to those who love lake life: cabin owners, lake homeowners, anglers, watersports and camping enthusiasts, or anybody that has fun on or around their favorite lake.

Growing up on a dairy farm in south-central Minnesota, I was outdoors a lot, working with animals and in the fields. As a youngster, I only went fishing a few times, but in my teenage years  I was able tag along with friends that talked their dad into using the boat. Fishing was a diversion from daily chores for us farm kids, a diversion I latched on to. Another diversion I had was drawing, mainly cartoons, which escalated when my parents bought a drafting table from a architect down the road.

After receiving a diploma in Advertising Art & Design (pre-computer era), I began interviewing and the running theme was "your good at lettering and designing with type". That's when computers entered the scene and I was to taken away from drawing table for 25 years or so.

A cabin in central Minnesota ("up north" to me) became my diversion from tall buildings and technology. I'd reflect on the healing power of the outdoors, and began being less enamored with tech. That's when I combined the two things I really enjoy: lakes and lettering, to bring Lakes Supply Co. to life.

With each purchase you make, I donate 5% to Minnesota Lakes & Rivers Advocates.