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The Unskilled Expert

  • Yellowstone Family Vacation via SoDak

    Yellowstone Family Vacation via SoDak

    Get in the car and drive.

    Having not making our plans early enough, we needed to get creative with our lodging, since most things were sold out, on our way to Yellowstone National Park from Minnesota through South Dakota. This made for some interesting experiences.

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  • Targeting Minnesota Spring Walleye

    Targeting Minnesota Spring Walleye

    4 insights for a successful spring walleye season

    The 2020 spring Walleye bite has been hot to say the least. I partly attribute that to being able to be on the water much more than normal, due to the whole Covid-19 thing. My boys have been unable to play baseball, and that means no weekend tournaments.

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  • Fishing Voyageurs National Park's Rainy Lake

    Fishing Voyageurs National Park's Rainy Lake

    16 things you need for boat-in camping success.

    My son and I were invited to go along on a 4-night trip to Rainy Lake with a group that has been going for a few years. As a result, much of the trip was well planned out: we had a group site about 5 miles from the boat launch that included bear lockers, dry toilet, optimal tent pads, and two docks.

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